1) What PPO networks are we contracted with?

2) Do we accept workers compensation insurance?

Yes. We contact the workers insurance, verify benefits and follow pre-authorization requirements prior to beginning treatment.

3) What are our hours of operation?

Office hours range from 7 am 6 pm Monday through Thursday and 7 am 5 pm on Fridays. We are closed on weekends and from 12 1 pm weekdays.

4)Do I have a choice of where I can go for physical therapy?

Absolutely! Although you may seek guidance from family, friends, your treating physician or the Internet, it is ultimately your choice regarding where you receive treatment and which physical therapist treats you.

5) Do I have to have a referral / prescription from my doctor?

State Law allows a patient to undergo a physical therapy examination without referral; however, receiving treatment from a physical therapist and/or physical therapist assistant in the state of Texas requires a prescription from a physician.

5) What if Spectra is not contracted with myinsurance provider?

Most insurance policies provide what is termed an out of network benefit. As a courtesy to you, when you contact Spectra our office staff will investigate your insurance policys benefits, at your request. Based upon your policys provisions, we will outline for you what coverage you have and address payment options, as needed.

6) What if I dont have any insurance?

The Federal Trade Commission allows a prompt pay discount for the uninsured. This offers you the opportunity to pay for your physical therapy services at the time of each appointment for a discounted rate.

7) What is a physical therapy evaluation?

Your first appointment with your physical therapist includes dialogue regarding your pain and/or function loss, your relevant medical history and your primary concerns related to your current condition. Your therapist will then complete a physical therapy examination which involves assessment of posture, range of motion, strength, flexibility and various tissue specific tests that paint a picture of your physical condition and help your therapist isolate which tissues may be contributing to your pain and/or functional deficits.

8) How long will each treatment session last?

This varies based upon several factors; however, an average session may last between 1 and 1 1/2 hours.