Aquatic Rehabilitation

Our multi-depth pool maintains a comfortable 94 degree temperature, making the water friendly for all types of musculoskeletal conditions. We offer mens and womens locker rooms with showers and individual lockers, if needed.

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Unloading Exercise

With the aid of the Newton, unloading accelerates functional recovery for spine, hip, knee and ankle afflictions. Unloading body weight reduces tissue stresses and promotes optimal functional movements with less pain.

DBC Active Spine Care

DBC Active Spine Care is a spine-specific, evidenced based functional restoration program DBC offers a systematic methodology to restore muscle coordination, movement control and paraspinal endurance. The program focuses upon gradual activation targeted toward functional goals, leading patients back to a more productive life.

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Manual Therapy

Spectras physical therapists practice with clinical specialties in orthopedic medicine and manual therapy (COMT). Each patient receives an evidenced based clinical assessment from which an individualized treatment plan is developed. This plan incorporates tissue-specific management of pain and dysfunction, diagnosis-inclusive reactivation of the sensorimotor system, and client-specific restoration of function (IAOM-US).