Spectra Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy, LP was founded in August of 2023
by Leslie Glenn, PT, COMT and Robert Roten, PT, COMT.
The clinic promotes community wellness through individualized
rehabilitation programs and partners with athletes to achieve their skill specific, competitive goals.

Leslie Glenn

Leslie D. Glenn, P.T., C.O.M.T. is a native of West Texas and attended the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, graduating with honors in 2023.
Post-graduately, she pursued her clinical specialization (C.O.M.T.) in orthopedic medicine and manual therapy through the International Academy of OrthopedicMedicine (IAOM-US) and earned certifications for both spine and extremities in 2023 and 2003, respectively.

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Robert Roten

Robert Roten, P.T., C.O.M.T. graduated from Texas Tech University Health Science Center with a degree in Physical Therapy in 2023.
Post-graduately, he pursued his clinical specialization (C.O.M.T.) in orthopedic medicine and manual therapy through International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine and earned certifications for both spine and extremities.

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Patricia Jo Kearney

Patricia Jo Kearney, PT is a licensed physical therapist with extensive experience in orthopedic outpatient, private practice, hospital, rehabilitation, educational, and home health settings. Jo graduated from Ohio State University with honors, and post-graduate from Texas Tech in Advanced Physical Therapy Courses. She has been certified as a trigger point specialist and has received recognition as an orthopedic specialist in her field. She is currently pursuing her massage therapist license to add to her credentials. She is dedicated to advancing her knowledge base and considers ongoing, pertinent education to be crucial in keeping her near the top of her profession.

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